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Here the Timken bearings are.

The American Timken Company had produced by the request of the National Aerospace Agency of the United States (NASA) Super Precision bearings for the space ships "Spirit" and "Opportunity". Ball bearings of 13 different kinds are used in Mars rovers, including the mobile elements of the Solar battery panel, reducers and all four driving gears, that provide maneuverability of apparatus cameras. Timken bearings provide reduced contact angle that guarantees high mobility and precise control.,

As Ron Manning, the vice-president of Timken Aerospace and Super Precision subdivision of the Timken Company, says: "During the last 75 years our factory didn't ever disappoint our clients by producing Super Precision bearings, on the condition of which depends the success of the airplane, helicopter and space ship flights".

These bearings are constructed and made for exploitations in extreme conditions: in airplane and helicopter gears they are exposed to high speeds and temperatures.,

The world-famous manufacturer of construction equipment, the Liebherr Company (Switzerland) had chosen Timken to be a supplier of wheel bearings for the track Liebherr T282 - largest in the world super size automobile.

The Liebherr giant is of 14,5 meters length, 8,8 meters width and 7,4 meters height. Paying load of T282 is 336 tones. 8 conic bearings will be set in the axle of the car (two on each wheel). Aperture of the frontal wheel bearings is 470 millimeters; the external diameter is 650 millimeters. Back wheel bearings have internal aperture of 750 millimeters and external diameter of 990 millimeters., 2004

USS Sea wolf SSN21

Leading craft of its class, military ship of USA "Seawolf" (atomic multi-purpose submarine 21). 350 meters long.

Precision ball bearings FAFNIR, applied in noiseless water pumps of submarines, provide:
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Low noisiness during long period of time
  • Long service life
  • Long lubricant service life
  • High loading index (optimization of materials used)

During the last 40 years 6 bearings by the Timken Company (USA), each of 634 millimeters diameter, were set in lift reducer on Eiffel Tower and helped to transport more than 160 million visitors. Engineering group of French Timken subdivision had inspected the reducer bearings and in spite of their good condition decided to change them by new ones. As Pierre Kosher, electro technical Timken bearings international marketing manager, explained, the decision to change bearings was made because "new conic bearings are more up-to-date and they will allow the lift to work particularly noiselessly and much longer".

French engineer Gustav Eiffel built the tower in 1889. Its height is 324 meters. Three lifts transport visitors from the ground to the second floor, and four - from the second floor to the top. There is also secondary lift and lift for visitors of expensive Jules Verne Restaurant. Each year all lifts of the tower cover more than 11.000 kilometers.

During the last 80 years the Timken Company supplies railroads of many countries of the world with axle-bearings for the rolling-stocks.
Its latest outworks are roller bearings of AP, SP and AP-2 types, distinguishing from other by enlarged life time and minimal service expenses.

Timken became the best supplier of General Motors.

The Timken bearing corporation (USA) became the best supplier of the General Motors Company. About more then 3,5 thousands supplier companies from all over the world pretended on the title. Premium for the outstanding results in 2004 year was presented to Timken Company on 23 of April in Warren city (state Michigan, USA).

Specialist team from General Motors estimates suppliers at several criterions, such as quality of a good/service, technological level, cost.,


Cooperation of Timken and Daimler Chrysler embodied in model Chrysler PT Cruiser (2002).

Production term plays very important role in printing of newspapers. Main technological innovations, directed to needed fault-tolerance, introduced by Tensor Group creators, are conical thrust bearings by Timken around the offset cylinder eccentrics.

All information is prepared on the base of materials and publications of the Timken Company.

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