Technical solutions for oilfield applications

We can offer a variety of special technical solutions for bearings used in oil & gas industry.

Mud Pumps

  • Single raw cylindrical roller bearings for the eccentric swivel
  • Spherical roller bearings for the crown block sheave
  • Single raw cylindrical roller bearings for the shaft journal

Draw Works

  • Utilize DR2 technology (debris resistant bearing with ES 300 coating by the TIMKEN) to combat against debris environment and friction wear due to poor lubrication. Reduce downtime of the Draw Works. Lower maintenance costs (to 1,5-2,2 times).

Rotary Tables

  • Debris Resistant Bearings (DRB) – new product to extend bearing life in debris contamination.
  • Debris Signature Analysis (DSA) – new service to predict bearing life in debris contaminated environments.

Crown Block

  • AquaSpexxTM coating by the TIMKEN to combat bearing damage caused by water corrosion. Reduced downtime of the crown block. Lower maintenance cost (to 1,7-2,2 times).

Swivel Thrust Bearings

Thrust bearings TTHD by the TIMKEN company:
  • Absence of the radial loading
  • Small technological admittance
  • Compact fit of the rotating part on the shaft
  • Free fit of the fixed part
  • Minimum thickness – 75% of the “T” size
  • Lubricant ISO-220 – basic oil c/EP
  • Arrangement – 0,001’’ – 0,003’ MEP

Beam Pumping Unit (Pump Jack)

Special bearings by the Timken company:
  • For high radial loadings
  • For unfavourable assembling conditions
  • Apprehend the shaft curve
  • Axial warps to +/- 1,5 degrees
  • Apprehend the vibration loadings

TIMKEN AquaSpexxTM bearings

  • Special product for improvement of the bearing characteristics in complicated equipment being undergone a damage caused by the water corrosion.

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