Technical solutions in metallurgical industry

We can offer a variety of special technical solutions for bearings used in metal process industry.

Rolling Mill Applications
  • Bearing type selection depending on mill stand working cycle (from light to extremely heavy loaded applications)
  • Depending operating speeds and acting loads there is a choice of different tapered bearing subtypes (TQOW, TQITS, TQITSE, TDIK, 2TDIW, 3TDIW, TDI, TDIT, TNAT (S), TDO, SWRB and others.)
  • 2-, 4- and 6-row tapered roller bearings
  • Tapered bearings with controlled radial run-out
  • Tapered roller bearing with conical bore for the tight fit mounting
  • Customized bench end play tailored to specific operating conditions

Continuous Caster Applications

  • Spherical, cylindrical and needle bearings specially designed for specific applications working in high temperature and high load conditions
  • Sealed spherical roller bearings

  • Split spherical roller bearings
  • Split cylindrical roller bearings

Cold Rolling Mill Applications

  • Z-SPEXX cylindrical roller bearings with controlled radial clearance
  • Customized internal geometry
  • Enhanced surface finish on all rolling surfaces
  • Extra heavy case on the outer ring extends useful life by allowing bearings to be reworked one or more times
  • Provided in precision class with maximum outer ring wall section variation of 5 micrometers

  • Bearings of TNASWH type
  • Bearings with special coatings

Large Bore Spherical Roller Bearings

Large bore spherical bearings specially designed for heavy working conditions:
  • case-carburized inner ring
  • case-carburized rollers
  • inner ring with extra close running accuracy (¼ RBEC1) and marks showing high and low points of eccentricity (increases bearing class to precision P5)

  • outer ring with extra close running accuracy (¼ RBEC1) and marks showing high and low points of eccentricity (increases bearing class to precision P5)
  • threaded holes in the face of outer ring to facilitate lifting
  • case-carburized heat treatment, i.e. raceways are harder than the inner core which remains ductile
  • Thin Dense Chrome coating

  • Four row cylindrical bearings

  • Thrust cylindrical bearings, of standard type and TPS type with self-alignment washer

  • Thrust tapered roller bearings for screw-down mechanisms

  • Sealed tapered roller bearings (SWRB type)

  • Special design arrangement of different bearing types for mill stands

  • Thrust tapered roller bearings

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