Our advantages

  1. We are partners of Timken

  2. We understand your needs
    We have local knowledge and global expertise. Our engineers will deliver the best solution for your business.

  3. We deliver original bearings of the highest quality.
    We have established long-term relationships with multinational companies on the basis of transparency and confidence.

  4. We safe your money
    You will work directly with distributor avoiding any intermediaries.

  5. We safe your time
    Our office is situated in Moscow that allows us effectively deliver the bearings to your office by the most convenient transport.

  6. You will have all services you need
    We provide all spectrums of services (consultations, diagnostics, installation, post-sale technical support)

  7. We would appreciate you were our Client
    We provide individual approach to your needs.

Our advantages
Timken bearings
Hydraulic pullers
Induction heaters
Rolling mill
Pulp and paper
Oil and gas
Machine tool
Application Examples

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